Jun 012024

Example of attempting to obtain 50Mbps throughput on point-to-point links:

  • The actual throughput bit-rate is about half of the bitrate shown in Ubiquiti AirControl
  • If the radio signal strength is showing very good (i.e., -64 dbm) but the throughput is much lower than your expectation, then the problem is interference.
  • CCQ is the best benchmark for interference:
    • 98 – 100 CCQ is very good.
    • 50 – 70 CCQ is bad and indicates a lot of re-transmissions
    • 71 to 97 is between good and bad
    • Falling CCQ is indication of increasing interference in an area.
    • CCQ is not the percentage of packets that are passing successfully to the other side of the link, but there is correlation between a high CCQ and the percentage of packets that are passing through the link.
  • Ubiquiti POE switches have default throughput set at 10MBps:  Of course, this would be the limitation if you are using a Ubiquiti POE switch and have not changed this setting to 100Mbps.

Another potential solution:  Wide Channel: Bond two channels with 20Mbps each, to make one Wide Channel with 40Mbps

  • Wide Channel is not a configuration option in AirControl
  • Wide Channel is more susceptible to interference

-64 dbm signal strength is the most optimum in any link

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